Priorities in teaching

In Form III and IV our school offers two branches with different priorities, Arts and Sciences.

  • In the Arts-Branch the subjects of teaching are Mathematics, Geography, History, Civics, English, Kiswahili, Religion, Commerce, Book-Keeping, Biology & Health, and Computering.
  • In our Science-Branch Mathematics, Geography, History, Civics, English, Kiswahili, Religion, Commerce*, Computering*, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are teached. Note, that common subjects to both branches are in italics, whereas astericks (*) marked subjects are optional.



The quality of teaching at Kishumundu Secondary School is for example displayed by position no. 307 of 3256 schools in the national final examinations of form IV students of 2013, followed by even better results in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Recent results



CSEE 2017 online

CSEE 2017 online

CSEE 2018 online!



Teachers and Staff (2nd of august, 2016)

Front row from the left: Mr. Elinaja Leondore (Biology, Chemistry), Mr. Duga Elias (Commerce and Bookeeping), Mrs. Ngandu (Accountant), Mrs. Massawe (Kiswahili & History), Mr. Maduu (Chemistry and Physics), Mr. Mazua (Biology, Chemistry),  Mr. Kiwara (Headmaster), Mrs. Edna Msaki (Accountant), Mr. A. Temba (Mathematics, Physics), Mrs. Minja (Cook), Mr. Moshi (Computer)


Rear row from the left: Mr. Materu (Kiswahili), Mr. Charles (Biology, Chemistry), Mrs. Prisca (English), Mr. Mmbaga (Chemistry & Biology), Mrs. Mushi (Kiswahili, History), Mrs. Mituwani (Matron), Mr. Mangesho (English), Mr. Minja (Mathematics, Physics), Mr. Mohindo (Mathematics, Chemistry), Mr. Minde (Cook & Truck driver), Mr. Kilawe (Civics)


Impressions from teaching at our school





A computer period about the usage of the internet in the computer room.





An experimental chemistry period in the science classroom.





District examinations of form II and IV in the dinning hall.





A period in a regular classroom.





The library of the Kishumundu Secondary School.





Morning assembly of students on the school yard.





Students learning for an examination in the school yard.










See some movies from periods:


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Successful teaching

Kishumundu Secondary School (School Registration No. s0492) in 2016 on position no. 471 of 3280 schools (= within the TOP 15%) in the final National Examinations of form IV students.



2017 online

2018 Now online!


Flyer / Overview

Great hand-over ceremony of the girls dormitory extensions. Please visit Latest News for more information!